Autobiography – available to buy now!

I know, I know! I’ve been threatening to do this for YEARS… well part one is finally out there to purchase. “I’m just in it for the parking” not only sums up my sense of humour but covers in some detail what happened over the first three years following my argument with that swimming pool in 1998.

My thanks to everyone who’s helped get this over the line and the select group of proof readers, who reliably informed me they were laughing on one page then crying on the next (I suppose that’s what you get for having my face on the front cover🙊).

It’s available through, a self-publishing print on demand service which delivers globally. To be clear: I won’t be personally benefitting from ANY profit generated by each copy that will collect dust on your shelves.

Retail Price: £16.99.
Print costs: £12.75.
Lulu take: 85p.
Spinal Research, Cancer Research and Epilepsy Action will each receive a £1.13 donation from the remaining £3.39 profit.

I wish they could receive more, but getting my story out there costs. If I find a more cost-effective way to do this, I absolutely will. In the meantime, if you wish to make a further donation to the charities their details are below.


Take your time, it’s going to take me a while to get part two done…😂

Note: Buying will not be taken as an admission of liking me, so you can do it free of any such guilt saying you’re helping these amazing charities instead!

Click here to buy!




Mum’s version is available to buy, also through “Go on my son! Give it some welly!” (Don’t ask!🤦‍♂️) will give you an alternative perspective on the same events during the first year, available now for £9.99.

Both are full of humour and heartbreak and have been written to show that even in your darkest hour there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Available just in time for Christmas. Hope you enjoy reading them.

If you happen to know someone going through a similar experience to ours, please let them know or get them a copy.

Profits from each of mum’s books sold will be split equally in donations to Spinal Research and the British Heart Foundation.