testimonialsRob could blow his own trumpet all day (and often does) about how amazing he is. So why not take it from other people who have had the misfortune of meeting him and see what testimonials they were willing to share after he either presented or consulted with them.

These are real, and no money or other favours have been exchanged for these glowing words (except cake, but that doesn’t really count, does it?).

April 28, 2018

"Thank you for being totally awesome - not to mention inspirational, funny and darn right engaging- I learnt loads from you & cant wait to further explore personalisation and what matters to you in Ostomy Care."

September 3, 2016

"Working with WSI has been a great learning curve. This was my first experience of developing and Rob understood our needs for an accessible website, guiding us through the different stages needed with relevant questions and suggestions which helped us achieve our desired website within a very tight budget. WSI have always been on hand when needed and after the launch. My suggestion would be to bring them on board from the start, listen to their advice and not be afraid to ask the questions, however basic, you need to get the website you desire."

April 8, 2014

"Rob really gave us a true understanding of all aspects of his condition. The students thought he was brilliant with words such as 'amazing' and 'inspiring' coming up a lot! We will definitely be having him back."

April 8, 2014

"The webinar experience was very well received by the students.  I think it is an excellent resource to aid teaching and help students gain an understanding of issues from external experts."

April 8, 2014

"It would be fair to say that the session proved to be one of the most popular among all the students within the module. Feedback referred to how insightful and illuminating the event was and more importantly, how being given the opportunity to listen directly to those who had experienced directly the receipt of ‘services’ and ‘interventions’, had a positive impact on their thoughts of inclusive and collaborative social work practice.

The whole area of including within taught sessions, ‘expertise of experience’, is one I hope to further pursue with the group in the near future. Many thanks to you all, from both myself and the students."