Why Not People?

I came across an interesting organisation this week called Why Not People? – an online membership website providing facilities exclusively for people with disabilities when purchasing tickets for a wide range of events – whether you use a wheelchair, have a sensory impairment or have learning difficulties. membership is free and you can store all of your access requirements in the members area under your profile to save you from having to repeat the same information every time you book.


They are having a launch event in London on July 1st with tickets are available through the website now. An impressive list of artists and celebrities have already pledged their support. Whilst I probably won’t make it there myself, I’m looking forward to seeing what other events they’re able to put on around the rest of the country, and might well pop in to one happening locally in the Leeds area at some point in the future.

You can have a look at their website and sign up here: http://whynotpeople.com

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